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  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text, and Int'l Text
  • Truly Unlimited 4G LTE† Data (Video @480p)
    30-Day Unlimited Plan https://media.tracfone.com <ul id="prod-desc"><li></span>Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text, and Int'l Text</li><li><b><span class="fa fa-check"></span>Truly Unlimited 4G LTE† Data (Video @480p)</span></b></li><li style='text-indent:10px;'><b>Plus 10GB Mobile Hotspot - Limited Time Only: Ends 03/31/19</b></li><li><span class="fa fa-check"></span> Unlimited International Calling** to 69 <a data-target="#ildModal" data-toggle="modal" href="#" onclick="window.open('https://ww2.simplemobile.com/ilddestinations');"><font style="color:blue">Destinations</font></a> (up to 15 unique numbers)</li><li><span class="fa fa-check"></span>International Roaming&dagger;&dagger; available to 16 <a data-target="#ildModal" data-toggle="modal" href="#" onclick="window.open ('https://ww2.simplemobile.com/ildroaming');"><font style="color:blue">countries</font></a> in Latin America</li><li><span class="fa fa-check"></span>$10 International*** Calling Credit</li><ul id="prod-desc"></ul> http://shop.simplemobile.com/shop/en/simplemobile/plans/%2450-plan-with-unlimted-4g-lte**-data-sm050bbunl-p
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    30-Day Unlimited Plan

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